Budget Friendly DIY Weathered Oak Dining Table

I have been on the look out for a good old school oak table for a long time now. So many have come up but they haven’t been exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want one that came with chairs as I had no use for them and would probably have a hard time selling them on their own. Finally an oak table came up for $50 with no chairs but it included two leafs! (I was very happy about that lol) I found it on Facebook Marketplace, AKA the BEST buy and sell tool ever. I offered $40 and picked up that same day. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and found this Pinterest post that was my inspiration for the project.






(left side completely sanded)



Round oak table with four white chairs and centrepiece.

Oak table with four white chairs and centre piece.

Oak table with four white chairs.

Round oak table with four white chairs.


I like how it turned out a little rough on the edges (literally). Eventually these white chairs are going to get banged up and marked so it’ll all look a little beaten at the end of the day anyhow! Below I have included a list of materials and directions if you want to take on a similar project. I also want to shout out this macrame table runner. A local macrame expert custom made it for me! Her Instagram is @theknotandneedle. She makes a lot of amazing products.

The chairs were purchased from Wayfair (linked below). I love the farmhouse look of these chairs but the best part is that they curve at almost the exact same degree as the table. They compliment a round table so well.

 Wayfair Wood Dining Chair ⇦




➙60 grit x12 sheets

➙120 grit x3

➙220 grit x6

Palm Sander

Early American Minwax x1

Weathered Oak Minwax x1

Behr Premium Plus Paint(ULTRA WHITE, small pail) x1

Varathane Matte Finish (small size) x1

Paint brush

Gloves (Optional: to protect your hands from the stain)

Stain applicator (They sell all different kinds at the hardware store but I usually just use an old T-Shirt or rag)

WD-40 (Optional: Spray this in between the gears of the table so it opens and closes easily for the leafs)



  1. Start with sanding & staining as you don’t want to paint it white and then get splashes of stain on it. (Pro-tip: we took the top off so I was able to paint the base between stains)
  2. Sand with 60 grit sandpaper. Sand with the grain and don’t hold the sander in one area for too long or you could get dents. Continue sanding until all of the old stain is gone and smooth to the touch.
  3. Sand with 120 grit sandpaper to get an even smoother surface.
  4. Apply first coat of stain.
  5. Apply second coat of stain. (Optional: you can do as many coats as you want until desired colour. I did two coats weathered oak and then one coat early american)
  6. Once dry you can apply your first coat of varathane or polyurethane.
  7. Once dry lightly sand by hand with 220 grit.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 a minimum of 4 times.
  9. Once you have completed the staining you can go ahead and paint the trim and base white. I did about 5 coats.


Thank you so much for reading! Please link me to any of your DIY’s!








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