How To Style A Bookshelf

Bookshelves can become a cluttered storage space very quickly but I think they can serve a very important purpose in your home. I love being able to use them as a focal point to display all of your beautiful home decor accessories and maybe even things you have collected from your travels or ancestry. Of course you can use them as storage as well and I will show you how I do this below.

I’m going to show you some before pictures…I woke up the other morning and noticed how messy and cluttered this bookshelf was looking and decided is was time for some re-organization!

How To Style A Bookshelf

How To Style A Bookshelf

Honestly it just became a drop-off point. If I had something extra and didn’t know where to put it, there it went.

…..and here is the freshly styled bookshelf.

How To Style A Bookshelf

I decided to take most of the books off of it and store them in the office. The first thing I would do when re-styling is gather all of the things you would like to keep or add to your shelf. Categorize them by object (books, plants, boxes, baskets etc.) and then separate them from shortest to tallest. Adjust your shelves to your desired height and then start with one category and evenly disperse them. Next thing you’ll want to do is add some height. Make sure each shelf doesn’t follow a pattern. Notice how I put only one object on the middle shelf and the bottom shelf. Another thing you want to do is have different textures. I did this by having wood accents, wicker, plants and books but I tried to stick to the same colour scheme (you don’t need to do this though).

How To Style A Shelf

My favourite thing to do is make home decor accessories purposeful. The wicker basket is practical because it holds all of my make-up but also adds texture and colour.

Happy styling!!!

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