My Current Living Room Vs. My Dream Living Room

I’ve been wanting to show you guys my living room for the past couple months but really just haven’t gotten around to it. It’s either been a mess with a couch full of dog hair or I’ve had multiple photo sessions and the lighting just isn’t right. Yesterday we had a snow/ice storm and the sun was reflecting an incredible amount of light giving this dark room a photographers dream lighting situation. I may or may not have spent an hour cleaning and reorganizing before taking pictures but it needed to be done anyhow. So without further ado….this is my living room.


Living Room

Ikea TV Bench

Plant Bench

Ikea Display Shelf

Window Picture Frame

There are a lot of things I would like to change and add to this space. When we finally find a home to purchase I will make these changes but I’m happy with the way it is for now. Ideally…wood floors, white trim, detailed rug, more textures and a different paint colour would satisfy my needs. That is why I put together a vision board showing you guys what I would love to do to this space. Here we go!

dream board

Furniture: I want to change out my current coffee table to our couch’s matching ottoman as it’s more comfortable to put your feet up on and you can add a wooden tray to the top (similar to my current one) for food and drinks. I would also like to change out our black, glass shelf to this wooden one. It perfectly matches the wood accent on our couch and provides a lot more storage.

Decor: I’m loving picture ledges right now. I really want to print off some of my travel photography that I am proud of and have a place to display it. I’m also loving macrame. I’m on the hunt for one to put on the wall but I’m also thinking of a DIY table runner for the top of our vinyl cabinet.

Colour: Ideally I would want light brown/grey textured engineered hardwood with white trim. I’m thinking I will change the wall colour to something light grey with a hint of green but we’ll see! I definitely want to add more colour with throw pillows and a very busy, colourful rug.

Textures: Always more textures please! I want to add more & different materials to this space such as…wicker basket for fiddle leaf fig, macrame, throw pillows, rug etc.

We have a lot of beautiful decor accessories. I’m going to insert some pictures of things that I really love and am proud of.

accordion rack
I got this for $18 off of Etsy. I love how vintage it is.
cherry shelves
Jake made these shelves for me out of cherry wood. How beautiful?!
fishing rod picture display
Jake loves to fish and I find it hard to incorporate him into my designs. This was actually made for us by his sister and gifted to us for Christmas two years ago. It’s the perfect blend of him and I and was such a thoughtful beautiful gift idea.

coffee table

Most of my furniture is from Ikea or The Brick. If you are wanting information on where to purchase a specific item featured in any of the above pictures please leave a comment.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my living room. Hopefully we will purchase a home soon and I can bring you guys along on my interior design journey.





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