My Dream Bedroom Design

I’m back with more interior design content! This always feels so good to me. Nothing is more therapeutic than putting a design board together and today I’m going to share with you guys my dream bedroom design featuring a lot of content from Magnolia Home & Wayfair. Okay…there isn’t tons but design boards are very new to me and I’m just trying to figure this whole thing out. Lets get right to it!

bedroom vision board

Isn’t it just so beautiful? To me…a dream bedroom means somewhere where you can go and feel inspired but also relaxed. Simplicity is key in a space like this, for me anyhow. Earth tones are definitely my colour palette of choice when thinking about relaxation. When planning out this design board I decided to start with the bed. This was the easiest thing for me to do since I knew exactly what I wanted. I also knew the colour scheme I was headed for so my next step was heading to where I found the perfect rug to pull all my accent colours from and a night stand. The paint colour and art work are also from Magnolia Home ,although you can definitely colour match with a different paint brand (such as Behr or Benjamin Moore). You can also find similar artwork at Homesense or Homegoods.

One other thing I would add to this space is a storage ottoman at the end of the bed. I have so much extra bedding, throw pillows and blankets and a ottoman would be the most practical.

grey ottoman

Possibly something like this. I love how plain and simple it is. You can’t go wrong with velvet material either.

One thing this space is lacking (mainly because I’m lacking in editing skills) is texture. This is easily added with throw pillows and decorative blankets. Joanna Gaines has an amazing collection of throw pillows & blankets but not at an affordable price, but you can definitely find similar accessories at Homesense/Homegoods.

joanna gaines throw pillows

Links to products:


Night Stand 




Throw Pillows


Making vision boards is such an easy way to see what will work together. I put about 10 different night stands in before I found one that worked well in the space. It doesn’t have to be perfect but just enough to help you visualize what you think you want your space to look like. I hope you enjoyed reading about my first design board. I’m working on a few others (for some clients as well *wink*) and will definitely share them with you when they are complete!





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