How To Stay Organized In 2018

Figure out a method that works for you

I don’t know why but I really dislike having to use my phone to input my schedule. I find it takes so much longer than using a planner. In the last few years my everyday life has slowly become busier and busier so I started using a planner. It was truly a life saver. It’s so easy & convenient. BUT…recently a friend showed me the app Timetree. It’s user friendly and you can put your own calendar in and then connect it to someone else’s calendar. One challenge with my partner and I is that we both work shift work and have other things going on. Since using the app it’s been super easy to see who has what going on when. It also sends both of you a notification prior to the event. Unfortunately you can no longer use the “I had no idea that’s what you were doing today?!” excuse anymore.

Tips On How To Stay Organized In 2018

Have a to-do list…but don’t be hard on yourself

Having a to-do list in a common area (I walk by mine at least 100x a day) is a great way to see how many things you have to do while seeing progress. Whenever you complete one of those tasks, cross if off. You’ll see how much you are accomplishing and it will help motivate you to get more done. That being said…even if you don’t get one thing done that day…that’s okay too. I like to give myself small daily to do lists but even if you have a few simple tasks that you plan to accomplish over the week it may be less stressful for you that way. It’s all in what works for you.

One thing I’ve learned from my counselling sessions is that we all make these silly to-do lists and our brains become fixated on them when in reality does it really matter if you didn’t get all those tasks done today? What negative impact has it left on your life? So what…you didn’t clean the bathroom today…but what did you do? Probably…and hopefully something productive for your mental and physical health. Even if that means sitting on the couch and catching up on your TV show, reading a book, catching up with a friend, enjoying the weather, going to the gym.

Provide yourself some ME time

It’s important to make sure you start your day off right and even if you can’t because you work at 6am (like I do) at least make sure you implement something into your day that refreshes your mind and stimulates your brain. Do what makes you happy and helps you to de-stress. You’re not going to want to do anything productive unless you’re in a positive state of mind.

Tips On How To Stay Organized In 2018

Garden centres are my favourite getaway.


Stay on top of your environment

Allow yourself 15-20 minutes at some point in your day to tidy your surroundings. Fold your clothes, make your bed, tidy the kitchen, fluff your couch cushions. Completing all of these daily chores doesn’t take long and it will help you to focus on the important things. If you don’t do these things daily you’ll end up having a massive chore list at the end of the week…and no one wants to waste a Saturday off doing chores…

Tips On How To Stay Organized In 2018

Clean home, clean mind.




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