My Current Favourite Essential Oils

Last year I was introduced to essential oils by my sister in-law and have started using them on a daily basis. I don’t use them for absolutely everything like doTerra advocates do but I try to use them as a first resort when it comes to my health. Like many others I suffer from anxiety and other mental health illnesses and I find essential oils are extremely helpful for mental health management. I have tried to use them for other things like headaches, muscle pain etc. but I don’t find them as helpful as I wish they were for me. Don’t get me wrong I would definitely rather use aromatherapy before anything else.

Featured below is my essential oil collection. I wish I could own them all but they are very expensive. I have a mixture of brands such as doTerra, Anjou, and a generic brand from a local whole foods store. There are many different ways to use essential oils but my favourite ways are diffusing and topically. Many people ingest essential oils but I’m not just not for that. I’m not saying you can’t but personally I’m not educated enough to use them for that purpose. One really awesome resource is the doTerra “Essential Life” book. It has all the information you could ever need for a beginner.

My current favourite/most useful oils are Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon & Balance (a blend by doTerra). I really like to use Peppermint in my rollerball for headaches. I apply it to my temples, forehead and back of my neck. It doesn’t completely work like I said before but if I catch my headache early enough it can subside the pain moderately.

Eucalyptus is such a refreshing scent to me. It’s really great for opening up your lungs airways. There’s a spa located an hour north of me that has a steam-room infused with eucalyptus and it’s the most amazing feeling in your chest and throat. I can’t really describe it but if you know of something similar near you, you have to try it!

Lavender…the oils of all oils. This stuff is so great. I try to use is as part of my night time routine. I’ll put some in my diffuser before I fall asleep as it helps me relax and manages my anxious thoughts at night. I also have a spray bottle of it in my night table drawer that I use on my pillow.

I absolutely love to diffuse lemon throughout the day when I’m home and especially on days when I’m cleaning. It makes everything smell so fresh…especially when you have a stinker dog.

Balance by doTerra does basically what it says it does. It’s a blend that helps to balance your emotions. Again…really great for my mental health.

My favourite ways to use oils is topically and diffusing as I mentioned above. I really like to use lavender and chamomile mixed with coconut oil for my back. It’s very soothing, especially before you go to bed but I mostly use my oils to diffuse. My absolute favourite one to diffuse is lemon. It’s the nicest/freshest scent to use if it’s a cleaning day or just generally every day. I have a dog so automatically my house never smells fresh and it’s the perfect solution. It’s a very affordable oil as well and you only need about 3 drops/500mL.

As much as people praise doTerra and Young Living I wouldn’t necessarily say you HAVE to use those brands. Yes they have the most reliable company stats and if you are planning on ingesting them I would recommend these companies. I don’t believe it’s necessary if you’re just diffusing them though. That being said…do your research on whatever company you plan on buying. For example…when I was very new to aromatherapy I saw oils at Winners for a stupid-cheap price (red flag) and bought them only to get in the car, open them and they smelt so strong of perfume. You could tell they weren’t natural at all. I’m “allergic” to perfumes, I get migraines instantly so I knew they were terrible. My #1 thing is to make sure you educate yourself. There are so many online courses and resources to learn more.

If you have any questions about essential oils I may be able to help. But…like I said I highly recommend the “Essential Life” book by doTerra. There are also a lot of courses and group sessions you can join in your area to learn more as well. I would love to hear about your favourite oils and how you use them.




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