D.I.Y. Budget Friendly Bathroom Reno

There’s so many different ways you can upgrade your bathroom at minimal cost. Jake and I recently renovated (i use that word lightly) our main bathroom for  roughly $600. We did everything except the shower. I’m just going to quickly reiterate that we don’t own this home and any upgrades we do are for Jake’s grandma, the home owner. It’s kind of a cool opportunity because we get to learn so many different things and the struggles of owning a home but we don’t actually have to deal with all the expenses (yet). It feels like this is our training for when we do find the right house. For example with this renovation we replaced the sink and the toilet and learned quite a bit about plumbing during the process.


A neat thing I figured out when I helped my dad renovate his bathroom is to put trim around an already existing, huge mirror. It decreases the size which makes it seem a little bit more modern and makes it a bit more done up. You can do this at an extremely low cost (see below). We found out when doing my dads bathroom that using PVC trim and double sided tape is hands down the easiest way for installation. You don’t have to paint it, it’s water-resistant, and it’s white on both sides. When you put the trim up on the mirror there is a slight reflection of the back so it’s important that you make sure the back is your desired colour.


Other than paint being your easiest solution when it comes to upgrading, you can also upgrade your electrical. In our case our outlets and light switch were that gross yellow colour and had wood panels around them. Again…it’s extremely affordable and easy to replace these things (just make sure you turn off your breakers). You can even upgrade it to a dimming light switch if you want. AND definitely change out your light fixture!

Bathroom Reno

The last thing I did to add a little detail is add a new bath mat (homesense), floating shelf (homesense) and hooks for towels (home depot). I already had a white shower curtain which I wanted to keep but you could definitely change that out to for a patterned or textured one to add a little extra. This reminds me…unfortunately our shower curtain rod is screwed into the shower tile *cringes* so obviously we couldn’t do much about that but for $5 we put a new plastic cover over the rod in white instead of that gross yellow colour that seems to be a common theme for houses of this age.


Here is a list of all the things we replaced/added and their cost. Everything is a rough estimate if not exact.

  • Toilet-$170
  • Sink-$35
  • Faucet-$100
  • Light fixture-$100
  • Paint-$100
  • Floor trim-$10
  • Mirror trim-$30
  • Electrical-$10
  • Vanity hardware (hinges & handles)-$20
  • Register-$15



  • When painting your vanity take the doors off, it’s a lot easier.
  • Make sure all your finishes are the same (hinges, light fixture, handles, faucet). I opted to use black hooks for the towels and brushed nickel for everything else.
  • Don’t be afraid to use putty. I changed the location of the hinges and puttied all the old holes since I was painting it white anyways.
  • If you have poor seams anywhere use white silicone. We had a decently large gap between the existing countertop and the wall but with a little bit of silicone it looks nicely finished.
  • Read & re-read instruction manuals especially if it’s not your expertise…like plumbing.


  • Hi Alexis!
    Totally agree, paint makes a huge difference, it makes a room or anything look new! The trim around your existing mirror gives the mirror a character. All in all I like your new bathroom 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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