Party In My Plants

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my love and interest for plants. A few years ago I asked my dad why he cared so much about the plants that sat on his front window ledge of the living room and he said “it’s just nice to watch them grow and change.” Ever since he said that I started paying more attention to those plants in the window and it quickly became something of interest to me. When I moved into my own home I wasn’t thinking about decorating with plants but my friend gave us two house plants as a house warming gift. One of them we eventually composted because it ended up growing super tall and skinny and resembled a weed…it just wasn’t the nicest plant but the other one, Croton (featured below) non-stop grows and develops new leaves and is very responsive when you care for it.

Indoor House Plants
Nerve Plant


Jake and I have always loved succulents and that was the next thing we moved onto although we still have a hard time keeping them alive no matter what we do. We have a few right now that are doing very well but we have definitely killed many..hahah.

Indoor House Plant
Succulent, Pothos

One of my favourite youtubers “Zoella,” a british youtuber, very much influenced my decision to buy more plants. I think she became obsessed with them recently and always had amazing displays in her home that she vlogged about. Her house seemed so cozy and homey and wanted my house to feel like that too…and off we went to a million and one garden stores across the GTA.

Indoor House Plant

I’m a very strange person in many ways but I actually enjoy doing house chores…most of the time. A lot of people don’t like house plants because of the maintenance but I thoroughly enjoy those relaxed mornings of watering and fertilizing the plants. If you want to have house plants but struggle with their maintenance I suggest getting yourself a calendar for your wall or fridge and you can write in a schedule of when to water/fertilize. Eventually you will get to know your plants and figure out when you need to care for them. Like our Croton plant I spoke about earlier….you know every time you need to water that guy because his leaves fall completely over but the second you drown him in water he perks right back up.

Indoor House Plant
Snake Plant, Croton, Dracaena

The past 6 months I have been slowly adding plants to each room. I don’t have a large home or plenty of windows with adequate sunlight to house a lot of plants but one day it would be awesome to have a sun room and maybe even a tiny greenhouse for growing veggies throughout the winter months.





  • Love the plants, I agree they give your a home a more cosy feeling. Also your photos are amazing?! What did you use to edit them?

    • Hey Katie! Thanks for reading my post and also thanks for complimenting my photos. I don’t use anything special…just the editor on photos for Mac. Even then I don’t do much. I focus more on the camera itself and it’s settings.


    • It takes a while to find a happy medium for each plant. It can be difficult…I’ve definitely killed a lot of plants for that exact reason! Thank you so much.


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