My Office/Music/Beauty Room Tour

I’ve been wanting to show off my “office” for so long but had no where to really post about it. I consider this mostly my “office” even though it contains all of my life. In this room I have my photography equipment, my computer, my clothing & my instruments. It’s my safe space, my cozy space, my creative space. What could I not love about it? It looks into my backyard and has the nicest view when it’s snowing and gets a beautiful glow of sunshine in the mornings. It’s tranquil…and my plants love it. I’ve posted some pictures below and I hope you enjoy what I have to say about them and maybe it will give you inspiration.

#1 – Custom Clothing Rack (feat. dying corn plant)

A few weeks ago I was watching a youtube video by Kristin Lauria where she gives a tour of her beauty room. She had a similar clothing rack to this one and said that she likes to put pieces of clothing on it that are staple items and that she loves but may forget she owns if they are shoved somewhere in her closet. I believe the rack she had was from Urban Outfitters but it was a lot smaller and very expensive. I found another one I liked but again…expensive. I showed Jake and of course he immediately started building me one. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but work kind of got in the way of things. A few days ago we finished it together and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! Not to mention it only costed $50.

P.S. No matter where I put this corn plant he does not do well. Any tips?

My Office Tour

#2 – The Desk

Now that I’m not longer in school this space doesn’t get used as much but since buying a new camera (and starting a proper blog!!) I have been spending more time here to edit and post my photography (and blog!!). One part of my job is to do assessments for rehabilitation patients and this is a great space to work when it’s time to do my write-ups. Another thing I like to do here is plan our getaways. That little purple notebook is where a lot of my jot-notes and ideas go in regards to flight prices, hotels, day trips, adventures…those kinds of things. If you are wondering…the shelf is from Ikea ($10) my desk was hand-made by my dad and my desk chair is from HomeSense (I waited FOREVER for that thing to go on clearance). The blanket was a gift from Jake and it is from HomeSense as well.

My Office Tour


There’s nothing all that special going on in this corner. I actually don’t like this dresser at all but it will do for now. The piece of “art” on the wall was a DIY and if you’re looking to make one it’s super easy (& cheap) and there’s tons of youtube tutorials. The little fishing basket was a gift from Jake’s mom for Christmas a few years ago but Jake didn’t find it all that practical to use for fishing but I think it’s a unique, decorative piece.

My Office Tour

#4 – The Instruments

This was a super easy DIY. All it took was $17 for hooks from & one piece of barn board. I’m going to need a bigger room soon but anyhow…The red ukulele, guitar and banjo are all of my instruments and the brown ukulele is Jake’s. We’re a bit rusty but we’re going to start practicing a duet soon. Stay tuned…

My Office Tour

#5 – The Notebook & Planner

Lastly and most importantly the two things that keep my life together, kind of. Both of these items were purchased at HomeSense (see a theme here?). Since I started using these I really can’t understand how I ever managed before. Not that my life is all that busy but something about writing things down in a book where you can visually see it in an aesthetically pleasing way is just…special. I absolutely hate writing my schedule in my phone..I don’t really know why I just do. It’s kind of like how people prefer an actual physical book over a kobo I guess.

Well…that’s it for now. I hope you made it to the end. It was a bit longer than anticipated but it is my most personal space and there’s so many more things I could say about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it gave you some inspiration for your office or made you want to give yourself a beautiful, special place for yourself.




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